Thursday, November 07, 2019

I am thinking of slugs for some reason

With the 10th Alumni meet lining up, I have found myself thinking increasingly about my (last) Alma mater. 
I realize (now) that the best takeaway any education can provide is not really knowledge/ facts/ figures, but the change in though process which somehow (hopefully) translates into real practical wisdom.
I dont know how much I could imbibe though :p


Word of the day: 

Philosophy : Literally, love of wisdom. 


Doesn't wisdom hold different meaning for different people. Same for answers to easy sounding but really profound questions like - "What construes a good life ?", "what is success?" and "What defines a good human being?".


A concept that I recently came across was "ergodicity". This blog post by  the legendary Naseem Taleb explains this concept in the context of financial risk taking behavior while making investments. A good article elucidates the concept in simple enough terms to make a noob like myself understand it (somewhat!!).

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

To good reads

I have been reading (of and on) this wonderful book - The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Absolutely wonderful read.


The most bizarre thing has happened. Somehow 3 pairs of my shoes broke within the past 15 days. This weird spurt in frequency is inexplicable.

The recent trip was awesome. It ticked all the boxes to qualify for a perfect vacation. Super fun.


I have been noticing certain instances(?)/ peculiarities in my work behavior. And the stark difference of it from my everyday-normal self. Do we really take on a different personality at work? Is it good or is it bad? I think I should keep a journal and record. A good analysis requires decent amount of data.


I guess I have been a little successful in making good changes in my online/ mobile habits. Have managed to increase the amount of reading and other offline productive activities.

For Diwali, I refurbished the little home temple we have had since the past 10 years. I still remember buying it (:)). The experience was really good. And contrary to my fears, the boys did not cause any problems with the whole project. On the whole, they were quite supportive. makes me wonder i i could start taking up more projects.


With the oncoming winter season, the wonderful spread of vegetables have started in. This year, it is my goal to try at least one new kind of vegetable and one new kind of saag. Lets see.

Friday, July 19, 2019

The tortoise, hare, fox and hedgehog. And everyone else.

Now and then there is a conversation so deep and meaningful that it stays with you long after. Now and then you catch yourself thinking and mulling over it.  I like such conversations… Even when I am only listening to two individuals talk, as long as the talk is civil, intelligent, deep and has an element of fun. They give me space and opportunity to think about things from a distance. After two of such conversations, I thought and found that I could understand myself better when I classify myself circumstantially – sometimes tortoise and mostly hare, mostly fox and seldom hedgehog.
There are things I don’t want to think about, rabbitholes I am too scared to enter. One of them is “meaning of life”, my own life. What is my purpose? Is it possible (or even preferable) to break from my biological dispositions and succumb to making my own individual being as the pivot of all major life decisions? Do I have any free will or is it just an illusion and we are all pre-programmed and pre-destined to play our parts in the story of life? Has this story gone off script and we are all still scurrying towards doom, too blinded by our primitive and tribal instincts to even see it?

Friday, June 21, 2019

Quote for the day

“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” 

― Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5 Things

My daily dose of calm (through the ever humble google assistant) suggested today to list down 5 things I am grateful for.

This is a difficult task. Reason one being that I didn't know where to begin. And reason two, because once I started, I didn't know when to stop :|. Of course I am infinitely grateful to God for my family and everything related to it. People, our health, abilities and attitude, faith, home and belongings, jobs, places... and you know everything.  So today I am only going to list the external factors.

So here's the list:

1. Modern medicine
2. Technology
3. Human instincts. The positive ones, and some of the grey ones.
4. The night sky on a moonless night
5. The smell of morning, in a non-polluted green place
6. Trees that blossom in summers
7. Art and music
8. Books
9. Food. The mind boggling wide varieties of dishes around the world. And the fact that I can have anything I want right here.
10. The fact that most of us have living conditions which would have been unimaginable even for royalty just 100 years ago. So yeah, I am grateful for indoor plumbing.

well one can go on and on.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Nuggets of Summer

Now that T's school schedule has changed K and I have like an entire hour to ourselves ... kidsfree !!!! . It feels like winning the lottery everyday :).

I kid you not, we(and I am sure a lot of you) are so engrossed in just getting through our day-to-day activities all the time that it is really easy to forget why are doing that in the first place.


Just the other day, a newly married couple at my work (yeah couple. married. at work. ) had their wedding party (party. at work. :D. its ok. We are HR. Who is going to tell us And the conversation somehow turned funny where each one of us had to give one tiny marriage advice to the couple. Needless to say, it was weird and cringy and hopelessly hilarious. Lots of to-dos and not-to-dos. I felt sorry for the couple.


I am on a podcast spree again. And since Dr. Cox isnt coming out with any new ones (please do.. pretty please.), I had to explore some unfamiliar ones. Turns out, there is a ton of great content being created by the good people at NPR, BBC and the lot. I just want to take a moment and thank them, in fact I would like to thank all those people whose creations I have enjoyed. I understand it must take a lot of effort to create quality content and not digress into mediocrity.


Books I read in the past month/ am reading:

* Life's Amazing secrets by Gaur Gopal Das (I like the simplicity of the language of this book. You can almost hear him speaking)
* Rain In The Mountains: Notes From Himalayas - Ruskin Bond (Any book/excerpt by him is enough to transpose me in the mountains. His words are magic. God bless him )
* The murder on the links - Agatha Christie ( yup. I still read her works)
* Sapiens


We had mother's day celebration at V's school this weekend. And T's PTM. It was a delight. Touchwood :)

V's growing up so fast. But every now and then, he gives us a glimpse of his toddlehood. I so desperately want to hold on to these moments... knowing well that the boys are growing up and in a hurry to do so. Not too long ago, he used to say- matun (mountain), soom (spoon), chrocket (chocolate). Now he teases us with these pronunciations. They still say 'aeloprane' :D



Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Sorry for the break. I was obliged to divert my attention elsewhere. But now that I am done with that, I might feel no guilt in writing again. Hopefully I will manage to be a bit more regular.

Writing makes me feel so self aware about everything. As long as I am not penning it down, I dont have to face my decisions. It happens with everyone I suppose. We only evaluate our actions and lives when we talk to someone about it. It might very well be a conversation with yourself. I have also found myself lying to myself. More often than i would like to admit. But that is a different tangent altogether.

Lately my work has required me to write about stuff. Things that were practiced since long. Its only when I started putting it down on paper did the gaps in the process become evident. Its a tiresome job. But it has also made me more prone to evaluating everything. 

Truth and lies, right and wrong, good and evil, these are all evaluations. These evaluations are based on circumstances. And circumstances change. However, most of us, do not change our believes. And we feel right in doing so. Upto a certain extent it is also a desirable attribute in human being. We would be shallow without strong believes. In the same time, rigidness and failure to see the merits in opposition is a gross weakness. My wish for this year is to be able to strike a balance between these two.

My wish number two is to be able to be 'disagreeable' at work. I am done with being nice all the time.