Friday, March 17, 2017

What if stories

The other day i just got thinking how different would all my favorite fiction stories would be if they are forced to incorporate basic technologies in their stories. No secret would remain unearthed for a decade, no person would be able to vanish "without a trace", people would not be forced to travel across geographies to meet/contact their long lost loves and relations. Even the magical world of Harry Potter ( !! ) would lose some if its charm if Voldemort had a nuclear bomb. 

I guess it is difficult to write and compose a stories set in the modern world. Is that why so many of the fiction we see now is based on emotions and relationships ? 

Friday, March 03, 2017

I feel too lazy to do this

The trouble with procrastination is that it reduces your output tremendously. Especially people like me with crap memories. I remember having a wonderful idea to blog about. That’s all I remember, I don’t remember the actual idea, just that it was good. Gosh I sound like a certain world leader. Crappier than my memory. Eww.

I am trying to read better. So far I have managed to do at least one serious article everyday. I am also trying to watch better. Lets see how that goes.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Remembering worldspace

I usually listen to the radio while driving.
I like the "wait" part in radio. You never know if a good song is coming next. But you still wait for it and endure the mindless advertisements just to get to a good song. I enjoy that.

So today morning this song reminded me of worldspace. I dont know if people still know what it was. It was awesome. Great. And the brief period while I was able to enjoy it was so lovely.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sons and Noses

Wonderful sunshiny days. Perfect picnic weather. And we are trying to make the most of it.

Now that Vedu has started walking, I have developed two mental radars. Both kids have to be tracked ALL THE TIME. They have an uncanny knack for getting into trouble. Little Vedu hasnt started talking yet, but he has perfected a way to mock me when I shout "No, dont do that."

It's hilarious actually.
My resolve to get more disciplined has worked a bit. I have started logging (Journal) and slogging (workout)

I need some new music. Like good music. I dont have the patience to listen to VH1 for hours anymore. I am yet to start on soundcloud (sorry :| )
Both kids are down with the flu. Hence the title :(

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Buy less, buy better

Lately I have been getting enticed by the idea of minimalism. Its not a new concept, not a fad, not something I am going to give up on. I have felt the necessity to reduce for a long time now.

What really triggered this need to change was that I dont feel in touch with myself anymore. Many years ago in MDI I first read that book - The Secret. And I remember thinking - whats the secret. That has always happened with me before, I can make things happen by thinking and wishing. I could literally do that.
But not anymore. And I know that it is because there is too much clutter everywhere. Around me, inside me.
And I am going to change that.

And hence the title.

Friday, December 30, 2016

There will be fries

I am thankful to God for all we have. For watching over us and our loved ones. I am, I truly am.

I have two plants on my desk. Hydroponics both of them. The older one has been with me since 5 years i guess. I love you guys. Keep growing and stay green. Make oxygen and stay happy.

So we are having a party of sorts at home tomorrow. A kids friendly party. Hence the title.

I know I am a little old for this now, but I really love my new shoes. :) Complete with pink bows. Never too old for a little "cute" in life right. Gotta keep it up. The onus of having pink and fluffy stuff in a house full of boys is on me.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Chipping tales

I usually credit myself with above average intelligence ( yeah.. and not so much modesty)
Anyways,, it seems I should review my rankings.

So yesterday, I was feeling peckish (even after gobbling down two eggs btw) in the evening so naturally I gravitated towards the only bag of chips left. Now since I am trying to eat healthier, I was very much aware that I should instead pick up the sad looking apple instead. This tremendous inner conflict must have had an effect.

As a result I gobbled down the chips at a record speed lest I change my mind and reach for the apple instead.

So much for the intelligence :|