Friday, February 16, 2018


I like listening to music while I cook. Not that I cook so very often, but when I do, it sounds very good :P
My usual favorites are classics of course. But recently, I stumbled upon some old favorites of ours. And so Savage Garden is the flavor of the month. Nostalgia.. The funny thing is, although I havent really heard these songs for more than a decade, but I found (to my delight) that I was able to sing along those songs. ooh I want you, I dont know if I need you.... :)
Ksh and I have started a self-help group. There are only two people in the group. We stop each other from losing our sh*t at the kids. I must say it is working pretty well. And we have the added delight of having a new common hobby.
We are also neck deep in getting things finished for the house. I love crawling through the web to find something for the new place. Ksh likes to see the pinterest stuff I show him and somehow thinks I am going to be able to replicate it. :O
I want to try my hand at woodwork. Like work with really professional tools. I want to become a furniture maker.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Birthday rants

Saw a parrot in flight today. It kind of looked like a swift while flying, a very pretty green swift. magnificent 
"We are, each of us, a product of the stories we tell ourselves" - Derren Brown, Happy
I came across this book by chance. Bought it on a whim and started it in the middle of another one(The Pilgrimage by Coelho. I need more conviction to finish it though). And I have been so surprised. Its a wonderful read. More wisdom than I could handle at one go. So what happens it that I read a passage, marvel it for a while and then realize that I have to re-read it. And marvel it some more. It is a pleasure.
I also turn 34 today. Thats a big number. And with age, I am surprised to find myself turning more and more "right-wing" and agreeing with people like Jordan Peterson. I am also scared that the world(at least the first / western world and by the virtue of being blind followers - the educated class of my own humble third world country) is inching towards becoming utterly useless. 
Another bit of wisdom that I garnered is that I have to be more patient. And by Gods grace, my kids have an incredible ability to teach me patience.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Days to remember

Memories are fickle. They form and then fade, sometimes get distorted and tend to reshape themselves in a simpler manner loosing some of their flavor along the way and picking some false ones with time. Usually it doesn't matter much as long as its a happy memory. But sometimes you want to remember times exactly as they play out. These are such times. The other day K and I realized that although we are rushed all the time, these may be our halcyon days. No major worries, kids in the sweet age where they don't have acad pressure yet.

So apart from the others, here are some silly things I really want to remember:

- Little V learning to speak. His vocabulary expands every minute. Current favorites - more, big, eat, bus, truck, baby and of course NO
- T turning into a little boy from being my baby and so eager to grow up. He is obsessed with farts and keeps a daily count. Also, he takes pleasure in announcing whenever there is a count++ event
- Their favorite "hide and seek" games. V calls it the game of "paaiise". I kind of feel sorry for the family living in the flat below us.
- The way V asks me to play with him the moment he realizes that I am getting ready for work. 
- Night time story sessions. I suspect K enjoys them more than the kids.

I know that soon the kids will have friends of their own, they might not want to play with us anymore. But till that time comes...

Friday, January 05, 2018

For us

This year we had a long long new year's party. The kind you never want to end. But it has to so that there are justifiable reasons to have more parties. And so this one is coming to an end. 
It was one to remember :)

So here is to a very happy and successful year full of joys (big and small), and laughter and genuine smiles. May God bless us with good health and happy times. And faith.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Tis the season...

Picnics are fun. Running around, gathering wild lemons, digging, collecting stones, and me – eating all the time. But as it happens, when we have a good time, we tend to make a mess. In fact, I believe it is not possible to be organized and have fun at the same time. Just incomprehensible. So inevitably, at the end, when it is time to leave, we have to clean up. Everything goes back to its place, toys back, garbage in the bin, mats folded & hats back on heads. Everything is organized just to be scattered again.
It’s the same (kind of) with end of the year. Come December and somehow I feel compelled to sort and wrap up everything. Just to be taken out and scattered in the coming year. And had fun with. You know, having fun requires one to make a mess.

Family is here. And it feels every bit like I supposed it would. Noisy bliss I call it. And it’s the best kind of bliss.


Friday, October 13, 2017

My Precious

The other day, little T found two ball bearings that in the school play-ground. That day when I went to pick him up from school, he was so visibly excited to see me. He said (perfectly mimicking my tone I must add), “Mommy, I have a surprise for you.”
Then he added, “I found two beautiful today. So I got them for your necklace.” J
Those little shiny ball bearings are the best gifts I have ever received.

Proud mommy moment. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

A garden runs wild

So we made a short weekend navratri trip to Ahmedabad. Awesome weather. Great atmosphere.
We managed to tick all the entries from our must-do list and then some.

One of the things I never had imagined I would do was to pluck a ripe "mousambi" and eat it right there by the tree. Yup.

It was amazing.