Wednesday, February 27, 2008


nd tiring


and delightful

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aaannchoooo........ *o*

I was sneezing througout the PM exam today..
damn it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Photography time :D

I have always been more active in everything other than studies. And these activities reach their peak during exam time :D
During last exams i remember making and putting up posters in my hostel room.
I have planned room layouts, designed dresses, written poetry ( read poetry), drwan pictures, etc etc during exams.
This time I took up photography. Took pictures of my campus. mm well.. not the campus sctually.. Just some flowers. The best part of winter if u ask me.
Anyways.. winters are going so i decided to take the pics before the flowers go too.
Posting some of them here..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exams :(

What a sham..
We have a supposedly open book exam where we cant bring books.. Only notes.. And that too hand written !!
to top it off its bloody 13 chapters..


And the subject is plain boring stupid.

I dont like exams !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek..

its the v week again.. ugh..

na na dont get me wrong guys.. I am totally for the various displays of love/affection (public/private/protected)..

its just that why only one day?
and why shud somebody else decide when shud i let my loved ones know about the depths of my affection for them??

In fact people shud be free to chose their own V days.. as for me i would like to celebrate mine on the first day of spring(yeah m still stuck on spring :D)

anyways.. Happy Valentine week to everybody.. may you discover your true love and live happily ever after.. and blah blah


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jhoom barabar jhoom

Hellos amigos..

Me is not saying this .. its the leitmotif in fashion.. the whole universe (its a figure os speech dearie.. U dont have to take it literally) is filled with this chant..


Ok Ok.. Let me explain.. I think Spring is coming =)

Yippie.. yeah.. It was sunny today.. Hurrah Hurrah.. And some more Hurrah..

I have this incredibly irritating habit of not writing everything..

Let me fill in in short :

Kerala Trip
Gigi got married. We went. The trip was beautiful (an understatement actually). met some wonderful people there - Hasan, Clint, Kumar and tath.. didnt feel I was meeting them for the first time though :) .. You know these annual trips are like some kind of tonic for me.. Whenever i am down or something , i just remember the trip and voila - happy again :)
My BDay
Yup. I turned 24 yesterday. Had a wondersul time. Most wonderful experience kal was something that reinforced my belief in the cosmic joker. When i thought everything was about to be ruined.. Things started falling into place and whoo.. they did. thank you Bhagwaanji..
And well.. thats much of it.