Friday, March 16, 2007

A bit happier

Hmm the reason why i started writing this blog is not very clear to me..

I was playing on the net.. browsing wiki.. and somehow i came across the april fool jokes by google... its wonderfull..

Look at some of them..

look at all this wonderfull data..

I discovered some new emoticons on some wiki persons page too.. have a look..

shrugging, confusion, doubt

( ゚Д゚)
surprised, or loudmouthed
very excited (raising hands)
Very cute.. hai na..

ohh...i cant think of a title...

oops........Its already March..
This year should be called "The speedoYear"..naah.. m not endorsing any brands here...

it has been passing so fast... it feels like it was just last week when i was celebrating the new year(at home....eating chicken)...and my bday was just a couple of days back.. and one fourth of the year has almost passed.. Oh my God.. what about my resolutions.. when do i start working on those..?

my work load had increased a lot in office.. I hardly get any time now to read or for music.... I feel lucky if i go home on time.... And I dont like it.. One thing I have discoverd is that i am not a workaholic.. i dont enjoy long hours.(yeah.. ok.. so nobody enjoys that..)

M waiting this month to end.. I feel somehow all my worries and problems will come to an end with this month.. I certainly hope so. I ahve become so irritable.. I shout at people for apparently no reasons.. and i keep ranting on and on..(like i am doing now). ohh if this goes on like this i might lose some friends.....

God please help me....