Monday, December 14, 2015

A good day

I have spent the past few months (ever since Diwali actually) hating the weather and the pollution. It has turned me a little bitter towards Gurgaon overall. But yesterday, oh yesterday the weather redeemed itself (lol).
Beautiful skies, sun, clear crisp early winter air. A perfect day for picnic. Tanmay was so happy with the “picmic”. Its really cute watching him learn to talk. He isn’t the most talkative toddler but kind of makes it up with his cuteness. Inadvertently all of us have started speaking like him.
And although my resolve to turn into some kind of cooking goddess hasn’t really materialized in the way I wanted, I have improved quite a bit. Managed to make pickles, yay !! The old me would have posted pictures but I am just too lazy to do so. So believe me when I say I did it.
I know things are about to change soon. For all of us. I cant imagine how the chemistry will be. But I pray to God that things go well.