Thursday, December 20, 2007


4 exams over..

Within two days i would have completed 1/3rd of the whole course.. thats quite a lot.. isnt it. :D

But have I learnt that much?? Not a gud question..
Certainly my way of thinking has changed. Yep it has..

And I have started seeing people from a different perspective now. Damn it. My perception has been ruined. I think I connected better with them earlier. Now I just try to fit peple into personality types.. and thats the most foolish thing to do.

I know.. this will wear off soon.. :D I love my weak memory..

and.. yeah.. i havent written about the study group that we have here . have I?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Diary Dilemma

I had read this somewhere a while ago "Only sad people keep diaries.."
I disagreed with it at that time..
However, yesterday night.. once again I had this urge to start keeping a diary again.. And I thought why..
I think people who keep diaries just need somebody to talk to.. When they dont have a friend who can be told everything, they tell it to their diaries.. That also explains why some ppl have a name for their diaries (Remember Hello Kitty.. ?)
heck no. I do not want a diary.

I dont need one.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Lead India

A must must must must watch video..

Lead India

Take charge

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Help wanted

Our creativity ( and a marketing planning course :) ) has led to the idea of an interesting brand new product “Find It”

Before we launch the product and turn multi millionaires selling it worldwide, we need to know what you think about it..

[Uhh... yeah u r right. It IS one of those surveys.. but it’s not boring :)]

So... kindly help us. Here is the link

There is another link on the right as well..

Template tweaks

and yes..

changed the template and added some stuff..

m gonna tweak it some more..


Random saturday rants

The chill is increasing.. and it seems to be worse than last year's (The chill Drill).
I mean, december has just begun, and we are already having 7.5 degrees !! Do you have any idea what it translates into when u have an 8.30 class in the morning?
yeah... probably a grade dock because u cant be so cruel to make urself get up :D

and yes... APROS is approaching.. I hope its fun. The dinner is gonna be. M sure. Will tell u about it when I come back :)

And hey.. did i tell u about Elevate ?? It was fabulous.. absolut (!) ly.. And it had been ages since i had so much fun..


i just realized, reading my blog doesnt give u an idea about the acad rigour that we have.. right ?


Friday, December 07, 2007

A wishlist


Twinkling eyes


A gentle breeze

A soft bed

Getting up at 7 and feeling good


No diplomacy, hypocrisy

A genuine ear to ear

Ahh.... Are you listening Mr. Cosmic joker??

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Clearer is Better

I am low on Intentionality..
(For the uninformed) It means that I dont always do what I plan to..

Quite true.. :)
Like the dozens or more things that happen everyday and i want to write about them here.. But I dont.. hehe

Ok, now lets make an aberration on this generalization.. ( Sentence alert !! Too many words with more than 2 syllables :D )

Remember that din in my head I was talking about the other day... it has cleared up a bit now.. As a result I did some damage control ( as in talked to some 'ppl' ) .. have to do some more..

And though i am neck deep in work.. I feel better..

Thank you bhagwaanji..

And yes.. ohh.... hmm.. ok later..