Friday, December 31, 2010

end of an era

A decade actually..
But what spectacular 10 years they have been.. And surprisingly it doesnt feel that long really.

I like to think I have grown up in the past 10 years.

Maybe I have. But I can still see the gaps. There have been moments of lucidity when I can really pin point where they are. There are even moments of enlightment when I genuinely want to fill them. But they escape. and quickly. Before i can grab them. or even want to.

You know, 10 years from now I will want to read this post and make some meaning out of it.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things you can get away with on new year

- Laughing and giggling without any apparent reasons
- Eating a lot because apparently what gets consumed in old year, stays in old year (or not. we'll just have to wait(weight??) and watch)
- Dancing to really crappy music and actually enjoying it
- Reminiscing about really non-reminiscingable stuff that happened to you during the year.. (like.. remember how you fell down from the toy train and broke all your limbs. boy wasnt that fun...)
- Making impossible new year resolutions (knowing very well about their fate)
- Have we covered eating a lot already??

Thursday, December 23, 2010

baking merry

End of the year is always a jumpy season. It always feels like near holiday time (although I am going to have none :).. Maybe its the effect of television and all these decorations everywhere.

Anyways, I have learned not to question good things in life. And hence I am merely obliviously(ignorantly??/cluelessly??) happy.

This week with K working almost all the time, I have plenty of time on my own. Which I dedicate to the art of baking.

A couple of days ago I successfully(?) made sugarless carrot cake. A bit crumbly, but then hey.. with no refined flour, no butter and no sugar its almost a diet treat.

And then there were those atta-crackers. They did lack proper seasoning for indian palate. Which I intend to improve upon in my next batch with some spices.

And then there is the glorious bread. Yup! I achieved what i always wanted to (happy tears..sob sob). I baked bread. Homemade whole wheat bread. Tastes good too. The only downside is that my kitchen smells like yeast now.

:) If K continues to work like this, I might just open a bakery.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A super exciting day
a memorable day
comforming old memories
is surprisingly comforting

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turns out I had grossly underestimated the awesome-quotient of our systems-IT dept.
You know that little melody that Windows plays when you turn on your computer. Well recently, the IT guys changed that melody to a goats mmeeeaaannnhhh . On all of the systems on our floor..
:D :D

By the way what is it called? Goats moo? grunt? bay?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Time changes a lot of things.

The neighbourhood where I grew up used to be a sub urban heaven. Nobody had a fence and we kids played and roamed around wherever we wanted.

The streets werent cobbled and little weeds and plants were everywhere. And the most beautiful among them were the dandelions.

I guess you need a kid's eyes to notice the beauty of the lowly dandelion. ohh.. wait did i say lowly? I meant lovely. definitely lovely.

I loved them as a kid. I dont know how i forgot them as i grew up.

But when it comes to flowers, I have always favoured yellow. And I had no idea why, until recently.

Friday, December 03, 2010

and the crappy week is finally over..

You know, I am not such a big workaholic.. but the last five days made me yearn for my boring old office.

Well, its over now. Such a sheer crowd of people (okay well dressed people). There were just too many faces to remember. Towards the end, everybody resembled each other. Except one guy. He had wrinkles. On his head. Not forehead.. his head. He was bald and he had wrinkles on his head. A good looking wrinkled head guy.

I am trying to unwind now.. to shake off the dead remains of my erstwhile chirpy aura that was slaughtered by this beastly thing.

So let the weekend begin..