Friday, December 30, 2011

aaahh hmmmm

My dreams are pretty blurry in general. I always remember dreaming but rarely remember the dream.

But a couple of days ago, i woke up with distinct image of a creature with the body of a fish, some foliage on its torso (?) and a number of quick feet. It was scurrying around like a rat. And had a hard and pretty shiny shell like a snail. Somewhat like the picture i drew above.

And today after an inexcusable period of time, we finally got our marriage registered. yay..

Friday, December 23, 2011

End of year musings

are mostly blank.. Not a lull kind of blank though. More like peaceful blank. Moments of crazy broken by bouts of peace kind of blank. blanks which are not blank at all. And there I eat my own words. rather sentences. Only one. Just had breakfast. Eating is fun in winters. Its fun all the time. Not so much fun to eat all the time. The world would have been an immensely better place if we tasted what we talk about. If a person started to talk vile, they would immediately taste scum. If they talked sweet, they would taste milkmaid. I mean the kind that comes in a jar. And is legal. I love that.