Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Somebody told me..

I have come to love this song from 500 days of summer. It plays on and on in my mind all day long. And unlike other irritating endless loop songs this one actually makes me very very happy.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Random clicks.. and that potted wierdness is my pepper seedlings..
I had planted some seeds a while ago and they all germinated. And now I am too much in love with them to weed them out.
Great weekends are usually made of silly little stupid things..

occasionally (like this one ) they are made of truly great little silly things. And some more..

Friday Night

K and I go to attend a mandolin concert. K is obviously very excited and I show appropriate amount of excitment. 5 minutes in the show and K starts fidgeting for his cellphone. I nudge him to stop and give him my patent stern looks. It works, for a while (he has taken to looking at the ceiling as if to somehow escape the loud and consistently screeching noise), and I look at him again. This time with my desparate what-are-we-gonna-do looks. K chalks out a plan and tells me in hushed tones that he will sneak out first and then I should follow him quietly. I am filled with guilt, but decide to sneak out anyways (I could NOT listen to that anymore).. So we sneak out, and decide NEVER to go to a mandolin concert again.

p.s. : Apologies to any mandolin lovers out there. I am sure the instrument is very melodious and musical. Its just us. We are sorry.


Attended a very very very very very (still not enough very's) very very very super performance by the legendary Mallika Sarabhai. I had watched her once before as a kid (i mean, I was a kid, she was just awesome) and not understood much. But this performance, left us dumbstruck. I remember having goose pimples during the show. And K was just gawking at her and trying to tell me how happy he was with the whole he-got-an-opportunity-to-gawk-at-her-in-real-life thing. But seriously, she is a genious. Plus she is from my home town (Ahmedabad) so I am doubly proud of her.

And then, we went to see "Inception". Good movie, in the sense that it makes you wonder (and argue with whoever will listen to you about your brilliant theory of what must have happened).


It was perfect. Lazied out (I am sure its a word) the day with awesome weather and not very sub-standard cooking attempts.

And then there is today.. monday... !!
Here is wishing everybody (including me) a good week ahead.

Monday, July 19, 2010


happy happy.. (in fact very very happy happy)

Most people I know like to think that they have a deep understanding of other people. I am myself one of them.. i mean, i really think i know what makes people "tick"..

I couldnt have been more wrong. In these past few days, I found out I didnt even know myself at all..

And the discovery has been surprisingly amazing.. and amusing..

(Although I am still going to continue thinking that i know people.. I guess thats what makes me tick.. )

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hope and Faith

I have realized that I have an infinite appetite for clinging endlessly to hopeless situations..

and I am yet to figure out the "why" of it.

Giving up is something I have to learn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

royal state of mismanagement

that has become my permanent status now-a-days..

everything is haphazard.. and i cant keep track of stuff anymore..

so anyways.. there are some good things too..

like today i discovered this new font - Lucida Bright (ok, ok. i know it has been there for a while.. i just happened to come across it today)
.. and took an instant liking to it..

my day surprisingly turned out to be really productive (with a number of proposals completed in the new font)

and it kept me happy


Saturday, July 10, 2010

i give up on sanity
coz sanity has given up on me

Thursday, July 01, 2010

and it rained

thank you thank you thank you bhagwanji