Sunday, August 31, 2008

Of Nimbus and Airbus

Finally here.. again.
This time I made the journey all alone =) and quite well I should add.

Found excellent avenues to dine(ohh ok, breakfast), see and shop. Met interesting people and learnt equally interesting things (for e.g. I should be a Sri Lankan and could be a model : )

Went for a hike today. A place called Labi. There is a small waterfall and a 2 km hike before that. It was a picnic- all Indian families. And as usual, towards the end, people started playing antakshari !! I let everybody down (i am the freshest arrive from India, they expected me to be fluent in bollywood songs) by not coming up with even a single song :) I m not too good at this.

As a punishment i was made to sing a solo.. Yeah I know. It was horrible.
What's even funnier is that one person, the good sport he is (bless him), he even danced to the song !! Believe me, it was good fun.

Needless to add, the trek was awesome. Untouched rain forests. I collected some leaves. And sadly they got spoiled since i forgot to take them out of my jeans pocket. Anyways, what reamins is the memory. And that i have.

More to come. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And thats 4 out of 6 :)

Yippiee... exams over.

ok ok so they got over yesterday and the euphoria has somewhat abated..
But so what... the fact remains that we have successfully completed 4 terms out of 6.

Spent the night with two old friends. She didnt scold half as much as I deserved.
And I feel so much better now. I know I can be a terrible person at times but.. I need to improve. Will. Promise.

Gotta shop today. That would be fun.
And its wierd being up so early. I dont know what to do now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tidbits from here and there

Its Happy Bday time.. :) of my favorite Deity.. The coolest and the most awessome one.

Exams going one.. 3 down, 4 to go. And ohh my God, I wrote so much today.. It was insane.. I took two extra sheets and my handwriting was so bad I was ashamed of myself. but then, had to keep up the speed.

And I miss MNIT so much. Specially during this time. it was so much more fun there. :

We had the Dahi Handi here in the hostel in the morning. yeah I wonder why they chose that time. People were not even up. But, I do love it so much. Saw it once in Pune. Too bad I missed it this time.

And I have started making a list of all the stuff I have to buy. And this time I will remember to carry the list with me when I go shopping..


Friday, August 22, 2008

A good morning

Had breakfast in bed(got it myself of course..i guess then it doesnt qualify. does it?), with newspaper and while it was drizzling outside. Excellent combination. I love the drizzle breeze. Cool and .. foresty. hmm.. i guess it does remind me of Nazira.

In this feeling of well being, I decided to miss the class :D
Well.. one can afford such luxuries at the end of the term if your attendance is not in the threat zone.

Exams starting tomorrow. Its strange. With each term, we are getting used to exams. So much so, that the rigor(!) during exams is much less than that during regular classes. A far cry from the first term when I developed muscle cramps from stress.

Looking forward to 28th. Not even a week left now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All 's right in the world

Got up late today.. Really late.
and ahh.... It feels so wonderful..

The best sleep is the one you get after the alarm goes off.

Gives you the same feeling that you get while eating something you ought not too(mmm those luxurious chocolate cakes,sizzling brownies is my sin food) or nick food ( hehe.. yeah you NMP n EMP uncles) even if you are eventually going to give it away to some classmate hungrier than thou.

Yeah.. so, the point I wanted to make was that I am happy.. coz I slept. :)

Hope i retain this happy feeling. We have two quizzes scheduled today. : Gotta study now.

Tomato salad

Next time when you find youself with some tomatoes(either of toh-mah-to or to-meh-to), olive oil, some oregano and some pepper powder, stop doing whatever you are and follow my advice.

Slice the tomatoes in regular salad style, spray some olive oil, oregano and sprinkle salt and pepper powder..

Eat it. You wont regret..

And then, you may resume doing whatever you were doing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


And I forgot to mention my new green kurta. it absolutely rocks..

I love fabindia.



As usual, i was thinking, contemplating, analysing things totally unrelated to me.

Today, I was thinking about popular books. Now, I consider I enjoy reading two kinds of books.. or rather, i enjoy them at two levels. One are the ones which are deeper, more intense and intellectual.. In simpler words - serious fiction like say Marquez, Gibran.
The other one would be light reads like Segal, Koehlo. Lighter ones like Christie and Sheldon.
Or my childhood favorite.. yeah Enid Blyton.

Enid Blyton was voted Britain's most popular author of all times. Above Rowlings. Might be something to do with the sheer volume of books she wrote (which i loved. and still have a soft corner for), or maybe britishers do love her more. if somebody asked me, I wouldne be able to rate them. I feel its cruel. Each one of them (the list had Roald Dahl, Tolkein, Christie, Austen) is unique in their own way. Come on now, its unfair.

Yeah, so back to my musings. Thinking about Enid Blyton always makes me think about one thing - A hearty meal. And a thoroughly english one (any comments Bhave?? She never mentioned the bland fish an chips)having bacon and eggs, cup cakes, juice, sandwiches, steaks and so on.. (Might be something to do with the fact that I missed breakfast today. Was realllly hungry in the class). Think about it. Dont you remember that ? She used to mention food everywhere. And.. i m hungry again..

Food time now..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tea or Coffee

My brother says I am addicted to coffee.

And I say -Whats wrong with starting your day with a nice cuppa and maybe having a cup or two more during the day.

See what happened today. I decided to go with tea instead of my regular cup of coffee. And I was almost snoring during the class. I could barely keep my eyes open!!

Never, never again am I going to repeat this.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Essentials and non essentials

According to MKS, Essentials are those things in life that shape your life. Like your attitude towards difficulties, work, people skills, sanity, rational, ability to love ( yes.. not everybody is able to love unconditionally), ability to trust, optimism..

And essentials are what one should focus on. Rest everything follows..

But the problem is that even though people kind of know this, seldom does anybody follow the principle.

And, I cant tell them to. You see, i am not yet fully qualified to confront people i love. I am still learning.

And yes, as i discovered recently.. The affection I have for some people is one sided. It kind of bothered me for a while.. But then.. I know my essentials..


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A day full of .. everything

up and down and low and high..


what a day..

full of dissappointments, excitement, amusement, giving support, getting support, disillusionment, revelations .. what not..

And in the end.. it all comes down to one thing.. trust.. and of course love.

I pray.. and I pray for everyone..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Blanked out - again

This time for a split second, and decided to play along..
It was fun.

Kind of funny it was - the expressions on their faces..

At times i think i should stop doing this.
People are not to conduct experiments upon..

But then, I only make them laugh, and maybe think for a while.. As a principle, I never ever harm anybody..

Surely nothing is wrong in that.. Right??

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Room with a view

I should have done this some time time ago.
This year, the room I got, has a wonderful view from the window. An all green view. Take a look..

And while we are at it..
Look at some of these products of vellagiri as well..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Awesome mausam

Folks.. Saawan at its peak..
Lots of rains, greens everywhere, birds and squirrels..

So, to join nature's celebration, I decided to wear my shocking pink shirt to the class today..

And once again people expressed their discomfort. Rather too verbally i guess..


Gonna do it again :D

And yes, I bought a fountain pen today.. Its a rather cuter version of what we used to have.. And its pink as well..

Monday, August 04, 2008

Dharma & Greg

Truely in love with the series..

Head over heels..

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Riches of the world..

Came across this at Prof. Madhukar's blog.

It was written by Shekhar Kapoor for his daughter..

My wealth lies more in the faliures of my life than my succeses. My wealth lies in people I have known and lost. My wealth lies in the pain and the heartache of living.

My wealth lies in the memories of those moments of love that were given to me. And given by me. But my wealth also lies in letting those joyous moments and people go.

My wealth lies in all those unfullfilled dreams. In all those longings that aroused my passions. My wealth lies in all the passions I have ever felt and expressed. And those not expressed.

My wealth lies in every moment of guilt that I carry for actions done or imagined. That burden too is my wealth.

My wealth lies in every breath that I have ever breathed. Each imbued with doubts and questions and hopes and dreams. And fears.

All this wealth I bequeath to you. For you to squander to the winds..

TOW-out any title 2

Among all the things I dislike, the one I dislike most is being cheated.
And that too by a person who claimed to be your friend angers me more than any thing else.

I believe that even if you are not on talking terms with a person, that doesnt mean you forget to be civil to them.

No situation justifies cheating, lying and bad mouthing anybody.

Absolutely none.

But then again, I am blessed to have enough sanity to brush these tiny incidents aside and get on with life.

A silent walk to collect and recollect my thoughts is what I need now. [Hmm.. Agenda for this evening :)]

Friday, August 01, 2008


Sunahu tat yeh akath kahani,
Samajhau banat, na jaat bakhani.

And then she begins narrating stories. Stories about women.

About women who were wronged.
About women who found the courage to stand for their believes.
Women who rebeled.
About those who wrote their own rules and were brave enough to be burned for it. With unmistakable twinkle of pride in their eyes.
About the women who suffered and survived. On their own terms. Who gained strenghts and proved that a woman wronged is the most fearsome power on earth.
About Shakti..