Friday, April 30, 2010


Among the things i dont like, income tax features on the number one position.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of rodents and their anatomy

Language they say, is a tool for communicating your thoughts, feelings, facts and office memos.

And I love the intricacies of languages and the beautiful works of literature. But at times I am stumped.
Like this one - "I/You/My neighbour/The dog dont/doesnt give a rat's ass. "
Why would anyone care for exchanging rats' asses?
or any other creature's ??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


I visited Calcutta (I cant say Kolkata.. m sorry. But Calcutta stays Calcutta on my blog) after almost 10 years.. And the one thing i realized is that age corrupts..

In the Calcutta I remember from the trips I had in childhood, I remember beautiful colorful buses with fancy wooden windows, and this time I saw dilapidated boxes running amok on roads..
I remember elegant old world buildings with down to earth people, and I all I saw now was old buildings, with rusted broken windows.

and the crowd.. ohh the crowd.. everywhere...

Anyways, its not all bad.. Calcutta does hold a charm for me.. And I have been to no other city that can come close to it. Its the people of Calcutta. The awareness that is there.. nowhere else..

nowhere else have I seen a barber shop called - Newton Hair Saloon

nowhere else have I heard Beethoven blaring loudly at the chauraaha as a publicity thingie of a political party

nowhere else have i seen not one, but two processions, within one hour..

Being IPL season, its inevitable that IPL rules everybody. But strangely I didnt find many KKR fans in Kolkata. I asked my driver why he prefered Mumbai Indians to KKR and he kind of evaded the question by mumblings something about mumbai..


As always, I had to meet a whole lot of people there. And the more I meet people, I discover new things about myself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another one of those lame a** late night posts

But this one is better.. because I am listening to this new song by Shakira from She Wolf - gypsy.. Its awesome.. I love it so much that this post is going to be dedicated to Shakira.. And women. yes to women.. my people..

Met a very very very dear old friend today. All by chance. And I have been happy and cheerful since then. :D

Even on another one of those lame a** late work nights..


Sunday, April 11, 2010


some %#^%@*&$^ stole my wallet yesterday.
With some cash, all my cards, ID and Driving License
And my lucky coin
and a hand written note :(

Damn you pickpocket.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why birds are equivalent to nuclear weapons

I might have mentioned somewhere that I have started gardening. And from gardening what I mean is trying not to kill the few plants that i have in my living room balcony.

It actually began during winters. Given my love for live things with chlorophyll and the absurd number of balconies in our home K and I decided to buy some flowering plants.
On arriving at the nursery, Ksh says I started raving like a hungry kid in a cheese house (plz note i didnt say chocolate. At present there is a chocolate excess in our house. My freezer is crammed with choclates and there is more). We finally decided on some pretty looking plants totally laden with flowers.
On bringing them home, super enthusiastic that I was, I took charge of maintaining them. With regular watering and careful weeding, they all died pretty fast. Not all of them though, a couple of them decided to dry up partially and turn into ..well semi dried plants. It might hav been the monstrous delhi winters or the sheer amount of water that they were flooded with everyday, we'd never know..

Anyways, spring came. And I decided to restrict myself with hardy ever green plants and seeds this time. Another few trips to the nursery got us some nice super tough (touchwood) plants and three different variety of seeds.
After elaborate preparations the seeds were sown (the hardy plants were(are) fine on their own) and checked upon twice everyday. Now, I kind of forgot which pot had which seed and after a couple of days i had four varieties of seedlings when there were only three kinds of seeds. nevermind.. I cared for every one of them like .. well like plants. One of them is weed, though i cant tell which.
So, thats the story so far. till a couple of days ago that is.

I noticed today, that pigeons have eaten/messed up two pots.

And now I hate those messy birds. For ever.
If I could, i would prefer they eat something else, like bird food.

[update: the reason I am posting this post at 11:30 at night is because i have a lot of office work. Which roughly translates into wasting a lot of time on the internet while ignoring work, staying up late and turning up for work next morning looking like a zombie]
[update 2: Its 1:30 a.m and i am actually getting mad with being super tired and not sleepy(because of all the caffiene(how do you spell caffiene??)) at the same time.]