Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life or something like it......

DCP : Desperate class participation
-"A shameless (most often worthless ) act of asking a question in the class to mop up marks for class participation or just to impress the professor."

ACP : After class participation (From the book Mediocre But Arrogant)
- "A subtle form of sucking up to the Professor to stroke his or her ego with the ultimate objective of gaining a good grade".

Incredible : The manner in which the book resembles our lives in MDI. (Chatto...... :O ).

A must read.

Abhijit Bhaduri is coming up with another one called "Married but Available" (MBA again). Would like to read that one too.

The only thing that i cant digest in this book is that it is set up in the 80's.... Was the world really so similar in the 80s.. I dont believe it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Eye of the ......

MDI is the (THE) place for parties....
Had another one of these last saturday. A Thank You party for the seniors....

I was not about to go.. But anyways,.. i decided to go..
And I am glad i went. Not becoz the party was very nice or something.. In fact it was the ususal dance till u drop, smokey din den.. It was something else.... I noticed ppl.. (yeah thats what i do at parties.. noticing ppl)

And i was astonished how mob mentality works in a disc like environment as well. ppl were gyrating madly.. I dont know.. maybe I have to a psycho student to remark more, but i liked watching.. :)

I know it doesnt make much sense.. but hey....

Want to go to the library.... but its almost time to close :(

Listening to : Eye of the tiger..

Watched 2 movies : Mixed doubles and Music and lyrics.. Liked the second one.

hmm.. nothing else.
have to study.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

magic of love, love of magic

I know its late.
And I have to get up early tomorrow(9 :)) and attempt studying..
But how can it be that I dont write about it..

You see, I finished the 7th Potter book today. Strangely, I feel empty and alone. Though I am happy with the fact that everything turns out OK, i couldnt help supress the twinge of sadness when I realized that this is it.. No more books in the writing. No 2 year waits..

And it is with a heavy heart that I say Goodbye..

(On a much lighter note : getting this book on its very release day was a happy happy happy happy surprise. Thank you dear.. :) )

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Too sleepy to think


its way past mid night and here i am, trying to think about an incidence in my life when a mis communication happened. I am sure, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of such times.. But the problem is that I cant remember one right now.

And its pretty late. I want to get up on time tomorrow so that i can have tea. I havent had a decent cuppa since i came here. hmm.. thats a pretty long time. I have started having my morning cup of cold coffee now. These ppl keep cold milk. I just have to put sugar and coffee into it and gulp it in one go. And i am really thankful for that.

How else could one attend college?? One loaded spoonful of caffein works for me.

And yeah, i wanted to copy a movie from a dvd. But i dont know how to copy movies from a DVD. When i opened it, there were too many files with such ridiculous looking extensions that i hadnt ever heard of. So i am now copying every file from the dvd. Tomorrow i can ask ksh how to play them..

and yes, this weekend was(is??) a mm..... well, kshless one. Too many assignemnts to complete. And he is busy too. so :(
But its ok. Really.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Your favorite atom

Most of us have studied chemistry at some point of our lives..

Have you ever wondered which is your favorite atom? Yeah, you heard it right.. Name your favorite atom. Thank for a while if you want.

Mine is Helium. The cute stable atom. Its beauty lies in its wonderful harmonious structure.. It is lucky to blessed with 2 electrons in its orbit. Now, these 2 electrons dont have a thing to worry about in their lives.... They are together, orbiting around the same path.. balancing and accompanying each other. They have got company. Its like the happily ever after story. And look what we get. A colorless, odorless gas. Doesnt hurt a fly..

In contrast to this, look at hydrogen. Poor fellow has just a single electron. now for how long do you expect a single electron to go around a proton far far away!!! It gets bored.... runs away leaving behind the poor proton. Its of course so natural for this proton to get angry.... It starts attacking every other atom and forms disturbingly horrid compounds(acids!).

See, thats why i love helium atom. Does it not make sense?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Patience dear..

Slept a lot today :)
Woke up feeling philosophical. [a mid day nap has that effect on me sometimes..]

How often have you had the feeling that you have been wrong in judging people?
And why do we judge ? Are we so desperate to have an opinion about everything.. Why? Doesnt that prove our own insecurities?

I just had a similar moment. Judged a person too soon..

I have to more patient.... It never killed anyone!!

and i have to rush now.. Sneha dear is bugging me to accompany her to dinner....
chao time!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea.
You became the light on the dark side of me.
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill.

But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and,
The light that you shine can be seen.

An hour to go before i hit the class, and i am not able to bring myself to shut down the lappie....
Music IS an addiction. But what a sin to indulge in.. a light hits the gloom on the grey.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Honour the hours

Just one week and the classes are in full swing already..
Assignments, submissions, group studies.....

Its so funny how one tends to forget the bad/unpleasant experiences of the past.. Looking back to my grad days, i just remember bunking classes, canteen, the umpteenth cup of tea to stay awake in those few classes which somehow i didnt manage to bunk.. But I must have studied atleast sometimes.... (I have got the marks to vouch for that)

And still this time, i dont want to forget all this slogging that we are going through right now.. I think it is unfair!!

"I hereby declare to remember and honour the hours that i spend during the next 2 years.