Friday, June 26, 2009

Driving blues

I have been practicing driving for the past week or so. Not that I dont know how to drive. I do, at least theoretically. I have even had a driving licence since the year I was 19(which I earned by giving a proper test). But sadly till date my driving licence has been used to ride trains(as ID proof) rather than to drive those light motored four wheeler automobiles like it was supposed to do.

For some reason, I never felt ok driving on roads. Maneuvering the car is the easy part. Its the whole contorted thing called gear that gets me. First of all, i can never remember when to move the stick and in which direction. Even if I do, it never behaves properly. As a result, my car has had some very interesting experiences like going on 25 kmph on first gear, as well as on fourth.
In my defence, I maintain that it is very difficult to drive in NCR where nobody seems to be aware of traffic rules.

Also, did I mention the horribly high decible leveled noise which keeps distracting me?? No no, I am not talking about the noise on the road. As soon as I take control of the steering wheel, ksh assumes the role of a super mean driving Guru. The only instruction I dont get is to keep breathing..

See, its not my fault that I dont drive..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This question has been asked by everybody who has met me since last month.. Everyone. My answers fall in a variety of ranges depending on who's asking the question and the number of caffeine fixes I hav had during the day(@Husband:I am joking. I dont pile up on coffee at all. Even when u go to work and I have unlimited supplies of milk, coffee and sugar with me. @Everybody else: Not joking :D )

Questn: "How does it feel to get married?"

Ans: Not much different from being single. Except for the act that u r not.
Its good. And silly. Its immensely silly which makes it perfectly normal.

Maybe I will be able to answer the question after 5,10 or 15 years. I dont know.. Maybe I will forever be exploring.

I mean there is no honest reply to the question. My instinctive rhetoric for this is - "so, how does it feel to be single?". However my politeness comes in the way of being rude And I refrain from actually asking the question..