Thursday, July 13, 2006

why so?

why is it that i have around 10 things in my mind about which i want to write....but i cant.

today i know what a "writer's block" is :)

So why not cite an intresting anecdote about writer's black itself.

Once a famous writer(his name escapes me) was full of ideas for his new novel. He had this habit of writing something before lunch.. Now this perticular day he sat with his typewriter in front of him. He wanted to start his novel....but couldnt think of a begining. An hour passed. Then two. Now he was furious with himself. He didnt want to leave without starting the novel. So he wrote. He wrote "The " and left for lunch.. It is said that the novel was indeed a success, and a huge one at that.

So much for the writer's block.

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