Sunday, February 25, 2007

The one with all that movies(and an interview)

If somebody asked me what i did yesterday.. I would say i watched movies.... two and a half movies..:)
(I also went through a B School interview about which i absolutely have no idea how it went....)

Hmm... so about the movies again.
The first one I watched was : The greatest game ever played. Beautiful movie actually. I couldnt decide till the end, which one i favoured more : the pro Vardon or the amateur Ouimet.... (Both of them look absolutely smashing).

The other movie was The Illusionist .. A different knid of movie altogether. Held on to the mystery till the end.... Now I wont say more about it or I might give away the very secret of the movie. I liked the lead actor in this one too( Never seen him before. ) . Kind of that lost yet passionate look in his eyes. mmmm...

And the movie which I havent finished till now is the Keanu Reeves starer Devil's Advocate. Seems to be good. I am gonna finish it as soon as I get back from work.. (yeah yeah working on a sunday. :( )

I plan to go for this new filck "Honeymoon Travels" too. Though the newpaper has given it only two stars( ** ), my friends told me its a good watch.. And anyway, it has been quite long since i went for a watchable movie.

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