Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A new day

I wrote a poem today..

The nautanki gang didnt think much of it.... but i really liked it.

I woke up with a smile today,
Because of a dream i dont remember.
M not sure if it had flowers in it,
Or a chocolate stuffed chamber.

And then i realised, with a start,
What a night it had been..
I was in a spaceship (a very big one )
Was hiding, trying not to be seen.

A chance escape, was a great fall,
That somehow i fell into,
I had struggled to wake up,from a nightmare,
Away from a place I had never been to.

Then why the smile, and happy thoughts,
That came to me in the morning,
Its not the heat, not work for sure,
Then why was it all so charming?

The answer came, as I write this,
It came with more blissfull peace,
Every morning is a miracle, a great new one,
With a chance to love, laugh and be merry,
With a chance to live life.

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