Wednesday, August 22, 2007

RR (Regular rants)

A whole week and no blogs!!!!

I was busy.. yeah even the saturday and sunday... and m freekingly busy right now as well.. but enough is enough.. As a prof had said "You have to decide who drives your life..... And I've decided for myself :)"

After 2 months, we are slowly getting the hang of what HR is all about. Intresting actually.

Not all faff.... :p

and yeah... I had my OCPS public speaking class today.. The topic I got was "A thank you speech to ur coll friends on winning the who eats the most contest" .. great fun. haha

And yes, in one class I forgot Jeevs' name !!!! And I take pride on my P.G Wodehouse readings.. shame on me. :

Rumour mill working on all time high..... if every thing i hear turns true , we have 3 classes and 3 quizzes tomorrow.. hmm.. so how m i gonna prepare..? its 12 already.

Coffee.. always the solution :)

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