Wednesday, October 31, 2007



It has been too long this time.. and i hav a feeling it wont be too often from now on.
its not that i am that busy.. its just that being here for about 4 months and its like the writing madhu in me has died.. or maybe she is in a deep slumber somewhere..


And yes.. some days.. I am not able to think. The faint murmuring that I had has turned into a din.. Its scary at times..

But yes.. I am still in touch with myself.. those fleeting seconds are precious.. and yes, i do cherish them..

One recent one was during the Illumina celebrations.. We had children from various schools here for some paintintg competiotions. You know I had almost forgotten how kids look like.. How they are so tiny.. One poor little kid was not able to reach the desk when he was sitting on the chair.. :) he was sooooo cute.. And those kids were drawing.. It was a refreshing sight.. I was happy for the whole day ( and yes.. our MR was a success .. yippie.. )

However, i am aware that the times ahead are going to be bad.. Ohh God.. Plz let me retain my sanity.. Plz.... I dont like that noise anymore..

God has a nice sense of humour.. coz one of the questions that we hav been given to write on is "Describe your current life situation..". Thats cruel !

i think i summed it up nicely when I was talking to bhave..

"its like we have sold our souls to the devil...."
but i cant remember this.. "for what??"

Its not that i dont enjoy.. I do.. but its different. a lot different.

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