Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jhoom barabar jhoom

Hellos amigos..

Me is not saying this .. its the leitmotif in fashion.. the whole universe (its a figure os speech dearie.. U dont have to take it literally) is filled with this chant..


Ok Ok.. Let me explain.. I think Spring is coming =)

Yippie.. yeah.. It was sunny today.. Hurrah Hurrah.. And some more Hurrah..

I have this incredibly irritating habit of not writing everything..

Let me fill in in short :

Kerala Trip
Gigi got married. We went. The trip was beautiful (an understatement actually). met some wonderful people there - Hasan, Clint, Kumar and tath.. didnt feel I was meeting them for the first time though :) .. You know these annual trips are like some kind of tonic for me.. Whenever i am down or something , i just remember the trip and voila - happy again :)
My BDay
Yup. I turned 24 yesterday. Had a wondersul time. Most wonderful experience kal was something that reinforced my belief in the cosmic joker. When i thought everything was about to be ruined.. Things started falling into place and whoo.. they did. thank you Bhagwaanji..
And well.. thats much of it.

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