Monday, May 12, 2008

Mumbai Airport woes

Mumbaikars have a pretty good, honest image among most of us. And it is correct upto a certain extent. Well, not so if you are at the airport. Be ready to be fleeced by the taxiwallahs here.

A bunch of them are honest about the fact that they charge you extra. However, if you happen to ask for a taxi with meter fare.. they literally take you for a ride. Happened with me today morning.
A uniform clad security person (apparently) approached me and said - madam meter se jaana hai kya? I said yes and he directed me to a taxi parked there. The taxi took me to worli old passport office as i had asked. But wait, the meter read 180 which amounted to 380 bucks !! Now any person who has lived in mumbai will know it is more than double the appropriate amount.

It is downright cheating and shameful for the honest mumbai ..

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