Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Romantic fixation

A couple of days ago I saw the movie Pride and Prejudice. Ever since I havent been able to shake off the image of Mr. Darcy. ohh... he is so handsome, serious, passionate yet silent types..

I keep ranting on and on about him. I am afraid I have bored my friends with his talks ( yeah.. even guy friends..)

Watched the movie again just now. It must have been the only movie I have voluntarily watched again. Alone. With the sole purpose of drooling over a guy.

See.. I even made a collage of his pics.. my drool tool.. (no dirty connotations plz)

Ohh.. how I wish I could go to the era of quiet life, when you didnt have to study for so long, work didnt eat up so much of your time, people were at their disposal to talk, to take long walks, lived in quiet countryside... When romance could be a reality..

I have always believed I was born in the wrong era..

And now I am sure..

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