Saturday, May 02, 2009

Peaceful is boring

"Your blog doesnt show any signs of your  approaching (impending ?) wedding!" Thus noted the Sherlock Holmes among my friends (after a very careful scrutiny I am sure).

Pleading guilty, I decided to follow instructions and post something that would do justice to the rollercoaster ride I am on right now.

Well to begin with most of my energy is spent on being mad at BF(short for boyfriend(I hate this word(dont i use too many brackets? Please follow java rules to get the semantics right. Thanks.)) and thats what he is till the D day :|).
It has nothing to do with the fact that we are getting married. 
Actually we have a very long history of my being mad at him. 
Seasons changed. And so did the reasons. The one thing that didnt was.. well u get it now right ..
People ask us how we stuck together for so many years. We usually give them some crappy answer about love and respect for each other.. blah blah.. The truth is, it stays fresh beacuse we fight. 

This has been a constant state of affairs for years. Even before we were actually dating. The very first comment( till date he claims it to be a compliment) he bestowed on me was "you have a cute nose". Taking a 2 second's pause for extra emphasis, he added "like a cartoon's ".  
Now, I agree I might have a bit shorter fuse, but I am not the kind of a girl who thinks this might be a compliment. Not even if the person complimenting was Walt Disney or Charles Schulz. 

I'd like to think his style of wooing has evolved with time. Wishful thinking. 

Just last year, in the middle of an ongoing fight, he says - "I got you a gift. Its a surprise." 
Again, his favorite 2 second's pause and he adds "You are going to love it." I mellow down a bit, expecting some decent gift ( pearls would have been nice (@BF: Hope you are noting this down)).
And then he says, "I cant wait for you to find out. Let me tell you what it is." 
"Its what you always needed - A portable hard disk drive"

And I am blamed for being mad for no valid reasons..

[On a separate note, I was back to my hometown in time for casting my vote. I am a responsible citizen. :D A sincere request to everyone - PLEASE VOTE]