Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This question has been asked by everybody who has met me since last month.. Everyone. My answers fall in a variety of ranges depending on who's asking the question and the number of caffeine fixes I hav had during the day(@Husband:I am joking. I dont pile up on coffee at all. Even when u go to work and I have unlimited supplies of milk, coffee and sugar with me. @Everybody else: Not joking :D )

Questn: "How does it feel to get married?"

Ans: Not much different from being single. Except for the act that u r not.
Its good. And silly. Its immensely silly which makes it perfectly normal.

Maybe I will be able to answer the question after 5,10 or 15 years. I dont know.. Maybe I will forever be exploring.

I mean there is no honest reply to the question. My instinctive rhetoric for this is - "so, how does it feel to be single?". However my politeness comes in the way of being rude And I refrain from actually asking the question..


Abhijit Bhave said...

Hey.. not fair!!

Was wanting to read a lot more...!

If i make a list of questions for you and give them , would you please answer them on your blog.. ??


Madhu said...

Bhave dear.. If u have a list of questions, I would love to answer them anywhere ;)

And about wanting to read more.. will oblige :)

NiK said...

a message well taken...