Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunlight sundance

We have finally started getting up early (7:30 ish i.e. ) in the mornings.. and it feels great..
Mornings are so awesome at our place.. There is this sunlight fest going on in our living room..
Its awesome. Really.. It kind of nullyfies the bad effects of being over burdened with office work.

And I tried my hands at a bit of gardening today..

Looking forward to the weekend.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Sunlight fest...!!!


I like that...

I am going to try that, waking up early..

If there is no fest in my drawing room, i will go to a place where there is...

Madhu said...

Bhave dear..
always welcome at our place.. loads of golden sunlight here..

what if dear was spelt deer?
and bear was beer?

gi. said...

i wake up early too. but i don't like it :(

ajit24*7 said...
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ajit24*7 said...

what if dear was spelt deer?
and bear was beer?

thn i wud always be layin down with my head in the lap of my deer with teddy beer in my hand

costsmenothing said...

Gardenin again!!!

Already feelin pity fr th new plants

if i said this said...

yes yes i love the morning light .. a soft bright insistence of life :)

also recommended : sleeping super late .. for best results try after the morning tea/coffee. ;)

Boomka said...

Yea I know what you mean about the sunshine. I just started recently getting a healthy dose into my bedroom and it really helps me to get out of bed not hating my job so much. But this is also the week of optimism. I am superoptimistic. About everything. Nothing is optimistic like sunlight! Woohoo!