Friday, May 07, 2010

Music and lyrics

Husband and I are obsessed with singing. We sing a lot. And we are loud.. I know that for a fact because once my neighbour said - "You guys arent visible most of the times. But I know you are home when we hear you." (Yes, that is scary on a lot of levels.. )

Anyways, so the point is, we sing. And not well. (Sorry Ksh.. that's the truth.. But whatever you sing is music to my ears :D)

And we are very innovative. No song ever comes out without a bit of remixing. The lyrics change, tone and tempo change, and sometimes the language too..

It might be slightly unsettling (When Ksh rewrites all the lyrics) and cacophonous (my morning voice) to others, but it is mighty relaxing for us. A happyfying experience.

That is what music is for.. right ?? :)

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Boomka said...

Lol you aren't visible. Lol oh man I get the same thing. My friend says I laugh to loud at the movie theater. What? Its funny, Its a room for laughing. What else could be more perfect?!