Friday, August 27, 2010

Fridays are royal

I sure the title needs no explaination. At least to all 5-days-work-week people..

So here it is. Tuesday was a holiday and I tried my hands on my all time fav snack - Khaman (Dhokla to all non gujju janata)

The snack tops my all time happy foods list. In fact, its the one dish i choose to eat when faced with the "prisoned and allowed a single dish all three meals the year long" dilemma.

Anyways, so the thing is, since I love them so much , i was super scared of messing them up and hence never dared to try them on. But then, one nice day (which happens to be last tuesday) I tried them on.. and they turned out to be okay.

:) happy happy


Boomka said...

It is so exciting to cook something for the first time and not screw it up. Granted it has been a long time since I have had that experience lol but still. Congrats, you rock.

lala said...

I also like cooking
but I am afraid I don't cook well..:D