Friday, September 24, 2010

of faith and love

Yesterday, some friends were discussing about faith.

The more we discussed, the more we got confused between having faith, being spiritual and being religious.

Although nobody was opposed to anybody, we couldnt get to a conclusion.

And it just dawned on me a while ago, having faith is like having a magic box or a lucky charm.
It really works while you believe in it. But the moment your belief falters and u start questioning it, the magic suddenly disappears. Another corollary might be being in love. It only works if u have faith in each other. The moment you start doubting the other persons love, it disappears.


Sweta said...

Yes,I've been in that vicious cirlce before. lol

ravi said...

faith is simple. you have it or you don't. it doesn't come easy when you don't have it .. and when you have it, it never goes away.

Mukta said...

Faith is the only energy a human can have for keep moving. The only thing which you can possess in any circumstances and eventually feeling rich. The only thing which gives you the connection with your surroundings and that too on happy lines.
The only thing I can have is ‘My Faith’ which is not a relative thing as far as I believe in it. It’s just Mine (being truly selfish :))