Monday, June 13, 2011

My love of libraries

There is something in a library that i simply cant resist.

I find it so peaceful to be in midst of columns of books. The smell of old yellowing paper. The shine of new ones and the sharp rustling sound they make.

I even have favorites. Like the IRS one I used to frequent as a kid. And some I hate - like the one at my alma mater - MNIT. That one was designed to discourage readers and reading alike. So boxy.

In contrast, the one at MDI was great. Equipped with wonderful books and more importantly inviting spaces, it was a boon. That was love at first sight. Truly.

However, I feel the most nostalgic about the "book clubs" we used to form during the summer vacations. The neighborhood kids used to pitch in their precious comic books together. Its amazing to think that as 10 year olds we knew the importance of sharing. A skill that most grown ups lack.

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