Wednesday, August 03, 2011


They say our memories are like pieces of puzzles. You remember your house and you remember the turn. And that is how you remember how to get to your house.
But that is not the point I wanted to make.

For me a good movie is sometimes about the songs. And just the songs. For e.g. take Dil Se. Personally I dont care about the story. The characters seem to be all confused and unreal. But the songs.. Oh the songs.. Spectacular. Each and every one of them. The combination of Gulzar and Rahman had never been so good. And as an added bonus, they are a treat to watch. And that is why everytime the movie is on, I watch it. Wincing through the movie(prose??) and savoring every moment of the songs (poetry ??)..
Unlike Gladiator.. Movie great.. music divine.. I get goosebomps everytime i listen to the piece.
Every single time..

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