Monday, October 03, 2011

"A lot of people can be romantic. But it takes real lovers to be silly." Or something to the same effect. Read somewhere. Loved it. And agreed.

Speaking (Writing(typing)) in short sentences. feeling content.. and slightly sleepy. hubs is working. yes. still.. and its nearly midnight. on a sunday..! outrage. 

Had a really productive weekend. and productive weekends mean being able to clear the laundry load, cleaning, cooking, making up songs(with real words this time), rhyming better than last week, singing (still cacophonously(is that even a word?)) at the top of our lungs, remembering the work that i brought home on friday, finishing it in half an hour (botched up..yeah.. i know. but its still Sunday!!).. ahh .. bliss

and yes.. did i mention that K and I have a new Sunday ritual - Watching Doctor Who on BBC E with brunch..  You cant help but love the Doctor. Wonderful series. Reminds me of those 90' sci fi stuff, that i didnt exactly love back then. Plus its british. That is like an added bonus. In fact most of the stuff at BBC E is better than any American stuff.. 

And yes, October is here :) with its wonderful wonder smells of sweet nocturnal flowers, sweet gentle cool breezes, beautiful night sky (ever seen Venus so bright in any other month?) and just you know.. general octoberness..




Nitin Kasat said...

Interesting post, not understood though.. may be I would take some englisssss classes when i return to India..

Njoy last October of this year ;)

Abhijit Bhave said...

:))) happiness blogs!

ravi said...