Sunday, April 15, 2012

In search of a starry night

I have very vivid memories of surreal summers spent in my quaint old village. We spend thousands of rupees now to recreate that same charm, to look at green fields which spread from your feet to the horizon, to get to eat some fresh fruit right from the tree, to breath in that pure air, to experience the silence, and the deep peace that creeps in inadvertently in such surroundings. But the one things i have been craving for quite some time now and haven't been able to get is that of being able to look at the stars. Now dont get me wrong, we have stars here. But its just not the same. In this bright city lights, many souls get lost, let alone these stars.
A starry night is the closest us normal mortals can get to experiencing the vast infinitude of the universe. Looking at the night sky, figuring out the stars from the elusive planets, trying to spot a shooting star or even a satellite slowly orbiting across the sky, waking up at the middle of the night to the delight to spotting the milky way and then staying awake just to look at the wonders above, is the most humbling and profound experience.
Makes one laugh at those skeptics who doubt the existence of God.

Over the years it has the single most toughest challenge for me to even try to comprehend the vastness of universe, the endless space, the nothingness and things beyond that. How come there are bodies which are not yet seen but have since ceased to exist and are certain to effect us in a distant distant future. What does one have to do to cultivate an understanding of such mind boggling theories.

Well, as i said, its humbling.


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