Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Things to do this week

In my spare time this week (lol) I wish to complete the following:

- prep tomato seeds for planting (doable)
- plant mustard for mustard greens (doable)
- DIY seat covers with fasteners for the wicker chairs (def. doable and is fun fun)
- Make another kurta for bubs? ( ? do I need to buy fabric? thread)
- figure out what to pair the yellow-orange kurta with (perhaps doable. Might need to visit market)

I hope posting the TD list on the internet will make a difference and for a change I will actually finish off everything on the list.

Will post results at the end of the week.


Madhu said...

Apparently making a todo list makes me less procrastinating person. However, instead of finishing off tasks from the list, I ended up doing something else altogether.
Not bad really. :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

Tell us about the "something else" then :) . Whats bubs by the way .

Madhu said...

@ bhave : check the next post :)