Monday, September 28, 2015

Proud Parent Moments

Kids make us proud everyday. Everything they do is special. And its wonderful watching them grow curious and ready to explore everything (everything!!) they see.

But sometimes, some things they do or say are striking.

The other day, I had an appointment and went to my doctor, who happens to be a very amiable lady :). We generally take him along and put him in the play area while I go for the consultation. But since it was exceptionally sunny, we decided to take him along inside with us. First of all he inquired - "Hospital ? Injection?" After assuring that no injections would be administered to anyone, he calmed down and happily played in the waiting area. But the moment we went inside the consultation room, oh dear God! The moment he saw her, he just started chanting "Doctor na, doctor na..." . Poor Ksh had to take him outside lol..

I didnt really think a lot about it then. But later on I reflected that he had never seen any doctor other than his own pediatrician (a male) and the doctor in nursery rhymes (from five little monkeys). So he had never really seen a woman doctor before. He just deduced that the person sitting behind the table in a hospital has to be a doctor, regardless of the gender.

Looks like kids dont abide by gender stereotypes  :)

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