Thursday, April 13, 2017

The country of the pointed firs

I firmly believe that one should travel as far and wide as possible, see and experience different cultures, people, enjoy their food, walk their streets, view their views, feel their weather, climb their hills. And it might just make one more grounded and broad minded. 

Now although I love to travel, lately our sojourns have become more of a luxury snooty(!!) vacation kind. We hardly meet up and interact with the locals. Kids are kept away from heat and dust and any kind of discomfort. Phew.. a few more years till they are grown up enough.

Till then, I plan to travel by the way of books. Reading always brings me joy. Now and then I pick up a book which is so delicious (for lack of a better word) that I want to gobble it all up in one go. And then ask for a second serving. 

But sometimes, I come across the rare gems which are to be savored slowly. Each bite enjoyable on its own. Pausing between pages, living it. One such gem is The country of the Pointed Firs. The book effortlessly took me to the quaint coastal village. Such beautiful character defining that I felt I have known them for ages. The book feels like a lazy summer afternoon after having beautiful lunch. Not much happening, nothing important to do. Just being content with the present.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels the need to slow down a bit. I know I am going to go back to it again and again. Just to induce some calmness. And to learn to pause.

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