Monday, June 05, 2017


Despite my best efforts to stay away, last year I was finally caught up in the GOT net. So much so that I seriously cannot wait till the next season begins. It is annoying.
Now, there are a few guesses that I have, and I want to see if they come true. Not noting them down would make me forget and also, I wouldnt have the pleasure of shouting "I KNEW it" to hapless people around me.
So here are my guesses:

1. "the dragon has three heads" would refer to the Lannister trio
2. Daenerys wont get the iron throne. Not for long anyway.
3. The night king would turn out to be a Stark.
4. Bran would plant the dragonglass at fist of the fist men that Sam and Jon found and used to survive.
5. Jorah with the greyscale would be immune to white walkers/undead army.
6. Cersei would still have some wildfire left under kings landing which would be used to kill the walkers. Eventually.
7. Arya would meet Bran before they get to winterfell. If they do.
8. Euron would die this season.

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