Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dream Diary

Thanks to my younger one, our sleep has become less and intermittent. 
For me bad sleep brings on weird dreams. Or may be its just that I remember them more. 

Anyways, so yesterday(night?) my dream was setup in a pre-apocalypse kind of setup. The terrain was rocky and mountainous with rickety spiraling, iron stairs with broken steps. And I vaguely recall people going about their day while being scared all the time.
Anyway, so the dream somehow got me running in a building. So what did I do, I picked up a mattress(yes a full sized one) and used it as some kind of a pole (mattress ?) vault to quickly cover the distance. 

It was awesome. :)

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Raghu said...

I am not a dream-analyst, but the way I read it is 'In difficult or trying times, such as being caught in a rocky terrain where the help could be far or non-existent, the improvisation of using a mattress as a pole-vault only shows the "never give up" kind of zeal towards life.

Pay attention to such dreams, if they occur frequently.