Friday, January 19, 2018

Days to remember

Memories are fickle. They form and then fade, sometimes get distorted and tend to reshape themselves in a simpler manner loosing some of their flavor along the way and picking some false ones with time. Usually it doesn't matter much as long as its a happy memory. But sometimes you want to remember times exactly as they play out. These are such times. The other day K and I realized that although we are rushed all the time, these may be our halcyon days. No major worries, kids in the sweet age where they don't have acad pressure yet.

So apart from the others, here are some silly things I really want to remember:

- Little V learning to speak. His vocabulary expands every minute. Current favorites - more, big, eat, bus, truck, baby and of course NO
- T turning into a little boy from being my baby and so eager to grow up. He is obsessed with farts and keeps a daily count. Also, he takes pleasure in announcing whenever there is a count++ event
- Their favorite "hide and seek" games. V calls it the game of "paaiise". I kind of feel sorry for the family living in the flat below us.
- The way V asks me to play with him the moment he realizes that I am getting ready for work. 
- Night time story sessions. I suspect K enjoys them more than the kids.

I know that soon the kids will have friends of their own, they might not want to play with us anymore. But till that time comes...

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