Friday, March 09, 2018


One of the topmost trees in my list of favorites is the humble semul/simmar/semal.

At home in arid dusty landscapes, it thrives in hellholes like Gurgaon as well. And I am very grateful for that I must add. Its vibrant red flowers mark the end of winters. Around this time, the trees totally lack any foliage but are full of fleshy flowers. In fact, I recall that we used to have a semul tree above our classroom in Nazira. And in April, the floor used to be full of freshly fallen as well as half rotten flowers. And yes, the nearby village was called semulguri. We could take a boat to cross the river and go vegetable shopping there. Sounds fantastic and it was.



Ravi Shankar said...

Does semolina come from semul trees ? :)

Madhu said...


A girl of 20.
Likes to dance, read and eat porridge.
She is almost white, some might call quite bland. Happiest when she's dry. With enough water, warmth and a little sugar she will make anyone very happy.

But she does not come from Semul tree.