Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy or Lazy ??

Or maybe just lazy.. yup, i have bcome lazy..

But still, I am happy to declare that i DID spend this weekend doing something worth..
Spent the saturday clicking pics around the campus.. ( Strictly not judging :) ) and Sunday.. Ksh was here.. went to this nice italian place called Earth. Good food, good music (live) and great ambience.. I absolutely loved some of the nick nacks they had. But careful as they tend to charge u for food you havent even ordered !!

Well, the week so far has been largely uneventful. I must have at least spent 10 hours watching mindless sitcom episodes ( and really enjoying them .. :| ).

I think i am missing something here. Maybe its like the calm preceding the storm. Just a hunch. Lets see.. we have Imperium now , APROS in second week of december and our end terms afterwards. And thats not exactly what you call a breather. I guess i just have to start working.. :(


Good night.

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