Sunday, November 25, 2007


You shouldnt meet ur idols in flesh.. ever !! I did.. and was so disappointed :(

I first heard Euphoria when I was in std 8th or 9th.. I loved the band, and i absolutely loved the guitarist and the percussionist.. absolutely.

Met them today.. and found out that
1. Live doesnt sound as good as the record ( Wasnt so with Sonu Nigam.. he sounded great.. )
2. Being a celebrity does not mean u hav a sense of humour.. So plz DO NOT try to crack stupid jokes to arouse the crowd. It doesnt work..
3. The percussionist tries too hard to cash in on his hair. It was a bit sad.. I had liked him only bcoz of his hair.. I mean, flounting is good if done within limits..

what else.. here I am.. back frm the concert (which is not over by the way.. )

We hav a party tonit.. hope to have fun at least there..

good night..

1 comment:

Chetan Kamat said...

isnt shattered too strong a word for some band you liked ? :P

ha ha!

anywho have you heard ab na ja ?
i think its the best song (from euphoria that is!)
dont like the (over)acting in the video though

have fun at the party! :)