Sunday, December 16, 2007

Diary Dilemma

I had read this somewhere a while ago "Only sad people keep diaries.."
I disagreed with it at that time..
However, yesterday night.. once again I had this urge to start keeping a diary again.. And I thought why..
I think people who keep diaries just need somebody to talk to.. When they dont have a friend who can be told everything, they tell it to their diaries.. That also explains why some ppl have a name for their diaries (Remember Hello Kitty.. ?)
heck no. I do not want a diary.

I dont need one.


Chetan Kamat said...

thats true for blogs as well :P

Soul said...
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Soul said...

Yup...correct..when people feel alone and they do not have anybody to talk they start keeping diary. Even I used to have that habit when I was 13 years old. used to write it for another two more years..Then left it out..Now started blogging. But there is great difference between keeping diaries and blogging. Diaries are very secretive.Blog is not secretive. You are penning it down so that others can also read. You do not expect your diary to be read by anyone..Amn't I correct madam ????