Saturday, December 08, 2007

Random saturday rants

The chill is increasing.. and it seems to be worse than last year's (The chill Drill).
I mean, december has just begun, and we are already having 7.5 degrees !! Do you have any idea what it translates into when u have an 8.30 class in the morning?
yeah... probably a grade dock because u cant be so cruel to make urself get up :D

and yes... APROS is approaching.. I hope its fun. The dinner is gonna be. M sure. Will tell u about it when I come back :)

And hey.. did i tell u about Elevate ?? It was fabulous.. absolut (!) ly.. And it had been ages since i had so much fun..


i just realized, reading my blog doesnt give u an idea about the acad rigour that we have.. right ?


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