Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mumbai mullings.. (since "Mumbai Blues" does not rhyme)

Mumbai masti is coming to an end..

nd i have mixed feelings.. Loved it here..

I had one of the most memorable weekends ever. Those weeks - starting with a monday full of happy afterthoughts. Three days - tuesday, wednusday and thursday somehow flying away while i wait for friday. And friday- spent planning( plans that never materialized :) thankfully.. )

And then came the weekend.. those glorious 2 days..
sigh.. it wont ever be the same again..


Soulfull Rhytm said...

finally read everything i missed .

and you sounded a bit like me in"time of my life" post.

even though you screwed up the lyrics
you are right ..... bout ur friends = )

and write more ...

and before this comment section starts sounding like a mail ....

Just in case said...

Madhu chali gayi..
Madhu Waapas aayegi..
Waapas Madhu nahi jayegi....