Thursday, June 12, 2008

Psycho files - part 1

Statement 1 : People are only as good as they behave
Statement 2: The same person can be good for some and bad for others


People are not good or bad. They are just people. its the relationships.
Relations are either good or bad. That is how a person who can only be described as self centered in one relationship can turn into the most amicable one in other circumstances.

I was really surprised at some of the experiences i heard. I am going to have a nice time trying to spot people telling the truth. It will be fun.

Next time somebody asks my hobby, i am going to tell them the truth - I watch people.


1 comment:

Just in case said...

Right-ho !!
I agree..!!
But then i say,a person without prejudices would be the same with everyone...
Dont ya think so..??
(Did you notice that i just changed my accent while talking to you..)