Thursday, September 04, 2008

A big and blue sky

It rains here. A lot.

The rain Goddess is like a bright, shiny, happy girl who doesnt care for schedules.. Hence the happy bright kind of rain and not the dark and gloomy variety.

And the sky is so big and blue. If only I could carry some of this back to college. sigh.. :)

Tried out my culinary skills again. And just for the records -i did okay. which means it wasnt burnt, overly salty or soggy or spoilt in other numerous ways possible.

And today I cycled all around the neighbourhood. felt nice, really nice. I guess it must be at least 10 years since I cycled.

Lovin it.


SirSia said...

Hey, nice photo, awesome, love it too.

Jhangora said...

I doesn't rain much in Gurgaon...I've been here for 2 yrz now...This year has been an anomaly...Maybe the weather patterns are changing due to global warming...