Thursday, January 28, 2010

beacuse we do

our bdays fall very close to each other's.. and its our bday fortnight :D

i wanted to buy him a dafli(a brillinat coloured plastic one) for his bday gift. he wanted to buy me a pair of shoes for his gift.(we havnt discussed my bday yet :D )

we didnt do either.. that is till today..

but the thing is that i dont know if its just us or there are other couples in this world who dont really go out and buy wrapped presents for each other. the last time i got one was way back in... (gosh i cant remember)

and its fine. in fact its great. i used to be kind of embarresed about this fact that we dont buy gifts on bdays or vdays.. not any more.. (another sign of growing up?? not being embarresed about things u shouldnt be embarresed about ?? :) )

anyways.. so thats that.

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