Friday, January 01, 2010


new year.. umm yeah ok
i dont think there is anything to be happy about the first day of a new month of a new year..


i was wished a happy new year by at least 50 people at work whom i never knew before. that was nice..
we decorated our workplace and it felt nice to have some color
i received a call at work today.. it was a wrong number.. the guy still wished me a happy new year and I wished him back. and we exchanged a laugh. that was nice too..

so.. i understood.. we celebrate because we want to be happy.. and we get happy because of the celebration..

i think that makes perfect sense..


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Abhijit Bhave said...

Hmm... So now i get it.
We celebrate to be happy...!!

i always thought it was for initiated by some fools so that their business could profit from this...!!


Oh.. yes, and i was happy on new Years eve... and what more, it was Ritesh's treat .. :-)