Friday, March 12, 2010

The importance of being alert

Madhu coming back home from office..
Reaching the building before her cook does.. yayy...
Enters the lift, presses the button while trying to shake off a nasty irritating song out of her head..
The lift doors open.. a super cute kid standing on the way.. smiling.. madhu comes out of the lift, smiling wildly and asks the kid's parents(who by the way are standing there..): Are you guys new here?
Awesome bewildered looks and a quick reply - "No. We arent. "
Madhu shrugs back and walks to her flat.. Wait now, the door looks different. Did somebody vandalize her apartment!! A frenzied look here and there.. Where's the dried flower pot?? Did it get stolen too???
And then it shines upon her brain.. Its the wrong floor.. And, the kid and his parents are still staring!!!!

Major embarrassment.


Abhijit Bhave said...


i am sure, its the song that you were trying to shake out of your head that did it....!!

btw, whats the song..
will make sure, i dont hear it...
on purpose atleast.


Preity said...

That was superdumb...LOL

ella said...

haha I would do something like that. :)