Thursday, December 23, 2010

baking merry

End of the year is always a jumpy season. It always feels like near holiday time (although I am going to have none :).. Maybe its the effect of television and all these decorations everywhere.

Anyways, I have learned not to question good things in life. And hence I am merely obliviously(ignorantly??/cluelessly??) happy.

This week with K working almost all the time, I have plenty of time on my own. Which I dedicate to the art of baking.

A couple of days ago I successfully(?) made sugarless carrot cake. A bit crumbly, but then hey.. with no refined flour, no butter and no sugar its almost a diet treat.

And then there were those atta-crackers. They did lack proper seasoning for indian palate. Which I intend to improve upon in my next batch with some spices.

And then there is the glorious bread. Yup! I achieved what i always wanted to (happy tears..sob sob). I baked bread. Homemade whole wheat bread. Tastes good too. The only downside is that my kitchen smells like yeast now.

:) If K continues to work like this, I might just open a bakery.

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ravi said...

you can even give K a job in your bakery then :)