Friday, December 03, 2010

and the crappy week is finally over..

You know, I am not such a big workaholic.. but the last five days made me yearn for my boring old office.

Well, its over now. Such a sheer crowd of people (okay well dressed people). There were just too many faces to remember. Towards the end, everybody resembled each other. Except one guy. He had wrinkles. On his head. Not forehead.. his head. He was bald and he had wrinkles on his head. A good looking wrinkled head guy.

I am trying to unwind now.. to shake off the dead remains of my erstwhile chirpy aura that was slaughtered by this beastly thing.

So let the weekend begin..

1 comment:

ravi said...

i love the last sentence. in the war between the chirpy things and the beastly things .. i want to be on the chirpy side. :)