Monday, July 25, 2011

After all..there is sunshine..

The weekend began poorly. Friday was a complete mess.. But it passed.. And I somehow survived.. As I will in future.. :) anyways..
Saturday was a day of surprises.. Went kite flying which is always great fun. K even managed to (whats the word in english??) "kaato" a kite..  :) And I well I somehow stirred up a giant bee hive.. really good fun..
and we found out a great place that serves authentic (as far as we could tell) Chettinad cuisine.. real nice..

Sunday.. as i always try to make it.. was a day of self indulging.. which for me is cleaning and cooking. i find both these activities amazingly cathartic. K obviously cant understand the latter, but quite enjoys the outcome of former.. At least he claims he does.. which pretty much works for me :P

Spent the evening walking around in a park, clicking pictures and spotting birds. and trying to listen to them.. amazing..

And.. our training is going well.. I am not as disciplined as K yet.. But I will catch up.. :) only weeks left..

This post is more like a diary entry.. then maybe it is..

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Abhijit Bhave said...

Training?? :))